Clean & Dry is proud to introduce on our fleet the Truckmount Carpet Cleaning Service.

Read more to learn the advantage of the Truckmount.

Truckmount carpet cleaning machines have been more powerful than portable carpet cleaning units. Although recent changes in technology have allowed portable manufacturers to approach the unsurpassed power of truckmount carpet cleaning machines, to date truck mounts are more powerful as they produce the cleaning power from an engine and electric portables generate the cleaning power from a 240v socket in the customer’s home. In many cases the more powerful electric plug in machines use more of the customers electric.

The primary advantage of a truckmount lies with the carpet cleaning customer, as truck mounts do not need to use your electric or hot water so it means no costly electric and gas bills in the post long after the carpet cleaning company have left your home, truckmounts dirty water does not end up down in your sink or toilet, quick setup and easy use of the truckmount makes it preferable among professional cleaners.

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