Meet the team!


Louwie is one of our longest and most dedicated employees.

He is very loyal , hardworking, honest and passionate about his work.

In his sparetime, Lou enjoys going to the movies,helping anyone who needs a spare hand. He enjoys volunteering for his local community as well he is a voluntary fireman.


Bruno is a hardworking, loyal and efficient team worker.Bruno prides himself with his attention to detail in his work ethic.

He is a loving father of 3 beautiful girls and enjoys spending time with his children.

He loves music and enjoys going to watch live bands around Perth. He is also very passionate about his martial arts training.


Mick is a compassionate and hardworking efficient member of our team.

He loves to travel and spend quality time with his wife and children.

Mick loves his sports and especially enjoys golf and cricket. He also enjoys exploring new adventures in his spare time.


Marc is a dedicated ,loyal,honest and passionate hardworker.

In his sparetime he enjoys long walks on the beach and also having coffee dates with his wife.

He also enjoys going to the movies and exploring Perth and its surroundings.


Robbie as one of our longest members of our team is dedicated , passionate, hardworking and prides himself in his attention to detail.

Robbie is an active sportsman who in his spare time enjoys his cricket and football and attending and running his hobby farm.

He also enjoys exploring new adventures and travelling.


Mark is a very hardworking, loyal and passionate teamworker with over 20 years experience in the industry.

Mark prides himself greatly in his attention to detail and his ensuring of his customer service and satisfaction.

He enjoys football and spending his time with his 3 beautufil boys and his wife.


Trevor is one of our longest and most loyal hardworking members of our team. He is extremely passionate about his attention to the detail in his work.

He thoroughly enjoys spending time with his family and exploring new adventures down south especially camping.

Trevor enjoys travelling and creating lifelong memories with his beautifuldaughter and his wife.