Professional Shower Walls & Grout Cleaning

Tile & Grout Cleaning Perth

  • FREE Mould Removal Treatment
  • FREE Scum Removal Treatment
  • FREE Stain Treatment
  • FREE Sanitizer + Deodorizer

Non-Toxic Shampoo Safe for Family and Pets.

Scum and dirt on shower and bathroom walls and floors? Look no further. Call Clean & Dry Cleaning Group and get those dirty shower walls and floors looking sparkling like new again.

How it works? With our specially formulated Non-Toxic shampoo, we carefully spray all over the shower walls and floor, leaving the shampoo to rest for up to 15 minutes; this will break down all the unwanted stains (calcium, mould and soap scum). We then wash off all walls and floors with hot water, leaving you with a super clean and fresh bathroom. No customer is ever disappointed, you will honestly be amazed with the finish!

Why wait? Pick up your phone and give that shower wall and grout a shine again. Call Clean & Dry Cleaning Group today on on 1300 441 636, and one of our friendly staff will assist with all of your questions and bookings.