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With many years of home and industrial experience with BBQ, Grill and Oven Cleaning, the Clean & Dry Cleaning Group technicians are recognised in providing optimum and specialised complete BBQ cleaning in Perth – all areas. We are passionate about our cleaning business and are a dedicated team in providing a high level of service from the initial contact, BBQ inspection through to the cleaning and re-assembling in completion of the job. We at all times intend to leave your BBQ super clean for a healthier cooking surface and ensuring a longer and cleaner life for your BBQ. A range of BBQ cleaning services are available to ensure your barbecue is in top shape for spring, summer, autumn or winter.

  • No Mess – No Fuss BBQ Cleaning within Perth all areas.

The BBQ cleaning process involves removing each internal part of the BBQ and soaking the parts in a safe cleaning solution. Cleaning products used suit all types of BBQ’s including stainless steel BBQ’s, vitreous enamel BBQ’s, cast iron BBQ’s and aluminium BBQ’s. Clean & Dry Technician clean every inch of your BBQ; from the grills, hotplates and stainless steel warming racks to the inner and outer casings, roasting hoods and all side burners. Most importantly, we combat hard-to-reach surfaces where grease and fats have gathered- which are fire hazards. Your BBQ can conveniently be used immediately after cleaning.

We invite you to try our BBQ Cleaning service and become one of our many satisfied customers. Call Clean & Dry Cleaning Group today on 1300 441 636 and one of our friendly staff will help you with all of your questions and bookings.

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